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A few basic tips for the home barista to help achieve the perfect tasting cup.

There are many compelling reasons to buy your coffee beans online…
  • Zinc Coffee uses speciality and seasonal coffee beans from around the globe to create the most flavoursome blends to suit your individual palate.
  • Like many other gourmet coffee roasters, we source directly from coffee estate brokers or purchase through H.A. Bennet & Sons, a premium green bean importer in Melbourne.
  • As we are an on-line store, we don’t have the same overheads as most other coffee roasters so we can pass on the savings.
  • You can choose to order 1kg for home or purchase 50kg for your business or cafe. You get a special low price and great quality either way.
  • We can work with you to tailor your equipment needs and offer exceptional package deals.
  • There are no lock in contracts or hidden fees for ordering our coffee beans on-line.
  • We offer nothing short of great customer service and fresh quality coffee at the best prices possible.
Quality & Personal Service

We lovingly roast our coffee in small batches as we believe the traditional drum roasting is the best way to unlock a coffee’s true potential. Since our batch sizes are small we are able to respond immediately to sights, smells, and sounds in order to capture just the right flavors at just the right moment.

We roast daily to meet demand and don’t warehouse any coffee at all. The coffee you order today will be freshly roasted, every time.

We would also be pleased to work with you to design your own unique customised blend based on any of our coffee’s, including all our 100% single origin Arabica’s.

Flexible deals

If you want to discuss equipment options and package deals including espresso machines, grinders and accessories then send us your details as we’d love to have a chat.

Simply fill out your contact details or email us at sales@zinccoffee.com.au